Our ranch has one of the few pureblood Mouflon herds available for hunting. Many ranches promote "Mouflons" but most are interbred to some degree, and thus, they are really Mouflon-type sheep, not purebreds.

Mouflon sheep are like no other trophy animal. As expert Rickey Hunt states on his informative Web site Mouflon World,

"The Magic of Mouflons first hit me some years ago when I attended an Exotic Sale. A Pure European Mouflon ram came into the ring and the atmosphere quickly changed. Before us all was this animal, dressed in his majestic winter coat colors that caught the eye of everyone there. Since that time I have not been the same! This sensation or magic still lives on within me, even stronger than that first introduction to the Majestic European Mouflon sheep."

Experience this beautiful animal yourself - view our gallery below, and visit our reservation page to save your spot at von Netzer Ranch.

New July 2022. This mature ram would be a trophy in anyone's book.
New July 2022. These 3 Mouflon rams don't trust the photographer for this shot and stay far away in the trees.
New July 2022. These 2 trophy Mouflon rams are representative of what's roaming the von Netzer Ranch.
These 2 rams seem to be enjoying the day during a wet and mild early summer.
These are some of the impressive Mouflon trophy sheep roaming the Von Netzer Ranch.
These rams keep a keen eye out when they discover a camera has intruded on their turf.
This mature Mouflon ram is wary of a cameraman but holds just long enough for one pic.
This young Mouflon ram is representative of those in the herd that are available for hunting.
These Mouflons are among those prospering after good rains in September 2020 turned brown into green pastures.
This mature ram now is chasing ewes as it's normal breeding time for Mouflons, who are seasonal breeders.
These rams are grouped together while grazing near a road.
This mature Mouflon ram seems to be fixed on something other than the photographer.
This young Mouflon ram stops just long enough for the camera to click.
This group of mature rams was on the move when they ran into the photographer.
This beautiful ram is all through shedding for the upcoming summer heat.
These 2 mature rams like the security of the trees.
This young ram shows impressive promise.
This large Mouflon ram keeps a close eye on the photographer. He is representative of large rams in the von Netzer Ranch herd.
These 3 rams won't stand still for long for the camera.
A couple of rams keep an eye on an intruding photographer in their space.
These 3 mature rams are among the trophies on the von Netzer Ranch.
This ram keeps a wary eye on the photographer.
This is another ram representative of the sheep on our ranch.
This group of mature rams has one that has a broken horn from fighting.
A group of mature rams is coming through the trees.
A single ram keeps an eye out.
These 3 large rams keep an eye on the photographer.
These 4 rams include one really large trophy with damage to one side from fighting.
This ram is representative of the mature trophies on the ranch.
This ram group is lying low in shade during the heat of the day.
These 2 rams show a contrast, a younger ram which will be a trophy for the future and a large mature ram that has a damaged horn from fighting. A prolonged drought in Central Texas has led to several rams with horn damage because their horns are more brittle.
3 large Mouflon rams, one of which has broken off a horn while fighting.
These 4 Mouflon rams give a glimpse into what happens during an extended drought when horns become more brittle and fighting continues.
A single large Mouflon ram checking out the photographer.
Late February and March typically are lambing time for the Mouflon ewes.
Another mother and newcomer to the ranch.
A mature Mouflon ram is flanked by a yearling ram.
These large Moulfon rams, in the foreground and background, are representative of the trophy sheep on the von Netzer Ranch.
These 2 rams represent the present and future of the Mouflon herd on the von Netzer Ranch.
This lone Mouflon ram seems to be enjoying the sun's rays but is wary of an intruder with a camera.
This group of Mouflon rams reflect mature animals as well as younger rams who will be maturing in the future.
This mature ram gives a look around while being photographed from a long distance.
These 3 rams are representative of the mature rams in the von Netzer Ranch herd.
Very little escapes the attention of the majestic mouflon ram.
These 2 mature rams seem to feel comfortable in a grassy area of the ranch.
This group of ewes and rams were caught grazing in the open.
These 4 rams are typical of the trophy animals available on the von Netzer Ranch.
These two rams stop for a second before moving on.
These rams are representative of mature rams on the ranch.
These mature rams are out grazing after some spring rains greened up the landscape.
This group of rams stopped for a second as the ranch truck came by.
These two trophies are typical of trophy rams available to hunt.
These two rams sport their summer coats.
These 3 rams pause while on the move in their grazing mode.
This group of Mouflon rams shows a variety of animals, including a couple who have broken off both horns through fighting.
These are 2 of the ranch's trophy Mouflon rams who are watching the photographer closely.
These mature mouflon rams are typical of those on the ranch.
These mature mouflon rams are grazing in a valley where seepage from a pond keeps the pasture greener during dry times.
These young rams represent the future of the von Netzer Ranch herd
These mature rams make an interesting picture as they survey the scene
This mouflon ram is surrounded by girlfriends in a grassy part of the ranch
This group of mature rams takes advantage of the winter sun in January, 2011.
These 3 rams seem to feel secure amid the liveoaks on the von Netzer Ranch.
This group of mouflon rams seems to be basking in the sun's warmth during a balmy January 2011 day.
This group of mouflon rams leaves little doubt they know where the photographer is located
A large group of mouflon rams at all stages of development
This large mouflon trophy ram is one of many trophies populating the von Netzer Ranch herd
A young but already large mouflon ram shows why the animals are known as one of the most majestic sheep around
Mouflon rams hanging back in the cedars
Some young mouflon rams with good potential
These are 2 young mouflon rams well on their way to becoming trophies
A proud, beautiful mouflon surveys the ranch
Two mouflon sheep browse for food
Mouflon sheep graze on Von Netzer Ranch
Some young mouflons with trophy potential
One of the large mouflon rams in the herd.
This trophy mouflon ram grazes his way through the grass.
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