» Where is the ranch located?
» What should I bring?
» Where will I be staying?
» What's a typical hunting day?
» What kind of food is served?
» Why is hunting sheep on the VN Ranch special?
» What if I bag a sheep?
» Do I need a hunting license?

Where is the ranch located?

The ranch is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country near Luckenbach, a community made famous by singer Waylon Jennings in the song, "Luckenbach, Texas."

Located in Gillespie County, the ranch is about 14 miles southeast of Fredericksburg, a community setted in 1846 by German immigrants. The community of Luckenbach was founded in 1849.

Check out our detailed map for complete directions to the ranch.

What should I bring?

Though sheep can be hunted year round, the best time to hunt these majestic animals is from December through February because their colors are most impressive at that time. As a result, hunters are urged to bring wet and cold-weather gear since freezing temperatures, often accompanied by moisture or high humidity, are common at that time.

Hunters are expected to bring their own rifles and ammunition along with equipment such as binoculars and cameras.

Where will I be staying?

Hunters are accommodated in the ranch headquarters. The limestone rock portion of the house, built by German settlers, dates back to 1860, while the "newer" part of the house was built in 1890. The home was renovated recently, preserving the old German architecture and style.

What's a typical hunting day?

Hunters rise by 5 a.m. in time to freshen up and have steaming coffee before a gourmet breakfast is served. A guide will then take hunters into the field to be in place before the first light of sunrise.

Hunting heep on the von Netzer Ranch requires real live hunting.

Though feeders are scattered around the ranch to supplement all forms of wildlife, ranch ground rules encourage hunters to follow a guide into the woods to set up over trails, near foodplots or close to water.

Guides are familiar with the sheeps' habits at different times of the year and usually can get hunters a good shot. Having to work at bagging a trophy ensures the experience will be as it should be, exciting at the time and memorable for many years.

The morning hunt usually ends by late morning, or hopefully much earlier, just in time for lunch and some rest before the afternoon hunt.

The afternoon hunt often begins at mid-afternoon and usually involves still hunting in the woods to catch the animals' late-afternoon feeding patterns. Sundown occurs between 5:30 and 5:45 p.m. during most of the winter hunting season.

What kind of food is served?

Food is prepared specially by a veteran cook known for the variety and quality of his offerings. Breakfast ranges from ham, sausage or bacon with eggs, biscuits and gravy to hot cakes, all with plenty of coffee, juice and fruit.

Lunch usually is lighter with dinner a big meal featuring a variety of meats slowly cooked over oak coals and all the trimmings.

Special dietary requests will be met if at all possible.

While alcohol such as beer or wine will be available, all alcohol consumption is discouraged until after the day's hunting is done. Firearm safety is the ranch's highest priority.

Why is hunting sheep on the VN Ranch special?

Our ranch has one of the few pureblood Mouflon herds available for hunting. Many ranches promote "Mouflons" but most are interbred to some degree, and thus, they are really Mouflon-type sheep, not purebreds.

Besides the trophy quality only pureblood lines guarantee, the von Netzer ranch is located in one of the most beautiful hunting areas of the country. Only a few hunts are booked each season, ensuring a good supply of trophy Mouflons, Corsicans, Texas Dalls, and Black Hawaiians each year.

The ranch also features a working livestock operation with registered Dorper, Royal White and exotic sheep. The variety of sheep often is of interest to guests who sometimes even get to bottle orphan lambs or help doctor sick sheep. White-tailed deer, a free-ranging herd of Axis deer and Blackbuck antelope, wild turkeys and quail, along with a flowing creek and five ponds, add to the overall outdoor experience in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

What if I bag a sheep?

The guide will field-dress and clean the animal and see it is placed in a refrigerated locker in Fredericksburg if needed.

Do I need a hunting license?

Though the state has no formal hunting season on sheep, a Texas state hunting license, either resident or nonresident, is required to hunt this or any exotic animal.

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