Mouflon rams on the move
Texas Dall and Black Hawaiian rams
An Axis buck protects his does
Mouflon rams going to feed
Blackbuck antelope buck on the prowl
Mouflon rams out early
Mouflons passing through
Blackbuck trophy pursuing a doe
Mouflon ram chasing a ewe
Corsican rams passing through
Bobcat stalks through the brush
Large buck roams the ranch
A group of Mouflon sheep moves down a road
Mouflon bucks butt heads
Two large bucks graze in close proximity
An axis deer buck tosses a length of grapevine, then encounters a Mouflon buck
Close shot of six Mouflon sheep gathering around a salt lick
White-tail deer and Mouflon sheep mingle near a feeding area
A couple of bucks size one another up
A group of Mouflon sheep congregates near a salt lick
Exotic, beautiful Axis deer are among the wildlife on von Netzer Ranch
A lone White-tail buck caught against a beautiful backdrop before catching the photographer's scent and disappearing into the brush
Mouflons, Blackbuck, whitetails, and axis deer feed together
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